Yoga Teacher Training

Love Your Practice, Find Your Voice, Cultivate Your Craft

Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers


I provide one-on-one guidance and support for Yoga teachers seeking to find and express their authentic voice more fully. This program is an opportunity for teachers to delve into both their personal and teaching practices, refine their teaching skills, and gain confidence in their ability to share their love of yoga with others.

Some topics that past participants have explored include

  • Discover what you love about yoga and learn how to share it

  • Learn to develop thoughtful sequences and themes that will inspire you and your students

  • Gain a better understanding of yoga philosophy and its practical applications in group classes

  • Refine your ability to offer verbal cues and hands-on assists that are both powerful and effective

  • Discover methods for exploring alignment principles that can readily be shared with others

  • Develop a mantra, meditation and Kirtan practice that will fuel all aspects of your yoga practice

  • Learn to market yourself and navigate the business side of yoga in a way that resonates with you

For teachers interested in working with me, I offer two options - 

  • Pay as you go, one of one sessions where you dictate the course of study depending on your personal interests

  • A six month immersive study which includes monthly hour long private sessions, free access to one group class weekly, 10% off all Yoga retreats for one year, ongoing email support and opportunities to assist with teaching during yoga retreats and teacher training modules.