Private Yoga Instruction and Yoga Therapy

 Yoga as a Healing, Transformative Art

Yoga therapy approaches the time-honored practice of yoga as a vehicle for profound transformation and healing. Approaching the practice as a healing modality begins by recognizing the interconnectedness of all aspects of our being - the physical, mental and emotional spheres of our existence. Yoga provides us with a bounty of tools that help us better understand all aspects of ourselves. Using a system of conscious movement and meditation, it provides us with the opportunity to realign with our natural state of balance, bringing us back to a state of living with ease and vitality. 


I provide a nurturing atmosphere and individualized yoga instruction crafted to address each client’s particular needs. Whether you have never done yoga before or are an experienced student ready to start a home practice, these personally crafted session will serve as a springboard for a lifetime of safe and inspired Yoga practice.

I utilize several healing modalities, including yoga asana, breath exploration, somatic exercises, meditation, mantra, Ayurveda, Chi Gung, and Reiki. Each session includes an assessment and discussion of your overall well-being, a guided personalized yoga class, and suggestions for a holistic home practice that will work with your needs, interests and time constraints, with the aim of bringing your body, mind and spirit into greater harmony and more optimized health. 

Past clients have used these sessions to address many needs, including, but not limited to -  

  • Improving overall wellness

  • Pain management

  • Reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Diminishing symptoms from chronic health conditions such as arthritis and autoimmune disease

  • Learning to receive the benefits of healthy, efficient breathing

  • Learning safe variations of yoga poses commonly taught in group classes

  • Creating a home practice

  • Managing Post-Concussion Syndrome (MTBI)

  • Managing problematic lower back and neck conditions

  • Increasing range of motion

  • Delving more fully into their practice

  • Having specific questions addressed more comprehensively

Yoga Therapy and Private Yoga Pricing

  • 2 Class Introductory Package - $150 - Includes an initial 75 minute session and one follow-up 60 minute session

  • 3 Class Introductory Package - $215 - Includes an initial 75 minute session and two follow-up 60 minute sessions

  • Initial 75 Minute Session- $95

  • Follow-up 60 Minute Session - $80

  • Five 60 Minutes Sessions - $375

  • Ten 60 Minute Sessions - $700

  • Monthly Membership - $75 / month - Includes One 60 minute session per month

  • Yoga Therapy Access Rate - In an effort to make the benefits of Yoga Therapy more accessible to practitioners needing financial assistance, I offer 2 weekly appointments at a discounted rate. Please inquire for details.


Matt has a deep spiritual grounding and finely tuned understanding of body mechanics. I have found that I learn something new about myself and my body with each of his classes. New insights and growth bring me back time and time again and have helped me build a home practice for which I am so grateful.
— Anthony Cheng, MD.
Matt’s instruction offers fulfilling challenges that are balanced with graceful acceptance of the learning process, and he has a talent for subtly addressing the needs of individual students in ways that benefit an entire class. Through his compassionate, knowledgeable, playful teaching style, I have discovered within myself a patient curiosity and long term commitment to the practice of yoga in its many forms.
— Anna Horvitz, LMT.
I am one of those people whose yoga practice ebbs and flows. Sometimes I go multiple times a week, and occasionally I don’t go for a few months at a time. But I always come back to Matt for instruction. His teachings offer something for everyone, whether you are looking for spirituality and meditation, gentle stretching and restoration, or strength, toning and balance. No matter what my body and mind need, I feel at home in his class.
— Emily Bertani, MD.
Prior to finding Matt, I felt like I could choose either a challenging OR a supportive yoga class depending on my needs. What I actually prefer is to have both! Matt brings a presence to his classes that I appreciate. We always warm up properly and by the time we get to harder poses, my body is ready, my wrists don’t hurt, and I don’t feel the “pain” within poses that I often do in other classes. My practice feels more full because of this. He encourages deep listening in your body - and brings creative ways of doing familiar poses that help you to feel like you are always doing a new practice, even though we are consistent with our poses. I appreciate the few minutes of kirtan in every class that helps to bring the presence and openness created in class home. Matt’s dedication to his own practice comes through in class and makes him a clear and gentle leader for any level of student.
— Charlie Cavallo, LMT.
When I first met Matt, I had only been practicing yoga for about 3 years (having been a runner for decades) and, as a “senior,” wanted someone with the intuition, knowledge, and comfort in adapting and guiding yoga for diverse student needs, levels, and goals. I discovered Matt in a studio near my first residence and immediately felt comfortable in his classes. His kind, gentle nature welcomed me to the studio and continued throughout the entire class. I began taking classes from him 2-3 times a week and always enjoyed his genuine concern and compassion for all of his students, his flexibility in sharing adaptations of various yoga poses and methodologies, and his modeling of his own journey as a life-long yoga learner. I especially loved his respect for and modeling of yoga practice as mind, body, and spirit interconnectedness. His earnestness and humility were also beautiful qualities that kept me open to new learning. 

Initially, I thought I would try to find a studio in my own neighborhood, but as I’ve moved (and Matt’s offered classes at other studios) I find that the quality of the instructor and the classes is far more important than the location of the studio. Six years after my first class with Matt, I continue to thrive and grow as a yoga practitioner—still taking classes 2-3 times a week from Matt. At 63, my goal is to be a life-long yoga student and I’m delighted to say that Matt Nelson has been a significant inspiration for me in that endeavor.
— Deb Parkinson
I took my first class with Matt more than 10 years ago. I keep coming back for his calm, loving demeanor, leavened with humor. He has helped me enormously to expand and deepen my practice beyond asana. I am so thankful to have him as a teacher and recommend him to any level of practitioner.
— Jen Seavey