Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki is a gentle, healing modality that invites our body and mind into a more meditative, relaxed space, where tension and stress are alleviated. Utilizing both light touch and energetic hand positions slightly above the body, emotional and physical traumas gradually release, while the body is returned to its natural state of balance, ease and vitality.

My sessions are unique in that I provide simple instruction on both breathing and meditation in conjunction with the classical Reiki techniques. This cultivates an increased state of rest where the body can rejuvenate and provides each client transformative tools to practice at home if they so choose.

Past clients have used these sessions to address many needs, including, but not limited to

  • Improving overall wellness

  • Pain management

  • Reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Diminishing symptoms from chronic health disorders such as arthritis and autoimmune disease


  • 2 Class Introductory Package - $150 - Includes an initial 75 minute session and one follow-up 60 minute session

  • 3 Class Introductory Package - $215 - Includes an initial 75 minute session and two follow-up 60 minute session

  • Initial 75 Minute Session- $95

  • Follow-up 60 Minute Session - $80

  • Five 60 Minutes Sessions - $375

  • Ten 60 Minute Session - $700

  • Monthly Membership - $75 / month - Includes One 60 minute session per month

  • Yoga Therapy Access Rate - In an effort to make the benefits of Yoga Therapy more accessible to practitioners needing financial assistance, I offer 2 weekly appointments at a discounted rate. Please inquire for details.