Intention and Patience - Writing for Writing's Sake

It has been quite some time since I last wrote a blog post or really written anything at all. It is certainly not for lack of motivation or interest in yoga, life and how they intersect, as I am quite certain my wife, who also serves as my editor, would say that I can, and do talk endlessly about these subjects. Nor is it for lack of encouragement, as my teacher and several mentors have urged me time again to write regularly, primarily for my own benefit but also for the benefit of anyone who might read what I have to share. I have ample support, countless topics ready to be explored, and an abundance of inspiration. If I am in need of anything, it is time and a quiet space, both of which can be in short supply for parents of young children.

The majority of my personal time is spent dedicated to my Sadhana – chanting japa, singing kirtan, practicing aspects of hatha yoga, and reading books on yoga philosophy. For a number of years, I felt like it was impossible to add another practice or discipline.  I allowed myself to let go of writing, making very little attempt to engage in the process. I moped through all my attempts at writing, lacking inspiration and time, using it as an excuse to avoid the challenging process. While I was navigating these feelings, Karnamrita Dasa, a life-long writer who has served as a mentor to me, offered some lovely suggestions and encouragement.  Largely, it was to practice writing as means of service and self-exploration. 

Around this time I made a simple commitment to myself – I will try to find time and space to write, and I will continue to take note of those topics I would like to explore more in depth. Rather than deciding that I could not add anything extra into my schedule and withdrawing from the process, I set the intention to write more frequently and practice patience with regards to when and how that might happen. I have tried to leave space for grace to reveal the openings where writing might be possible.

I am not entirely certain that I found the time to compose this short essay or if the time found me. Thanks to a lot of encouragement, support and love, I did make the conscious choice to engage in writing - finding topics, keeping a list, and allowing for writing to be nurturing to my spirit. I have come to realize that it does not have to look any particular way. It can simply be jotting down themes and considering how I might be able to develop them further at some point in the future. There is no need to produce tangible results of a finished or published piece necessarily. Writing for writing’s sake, I have realized that it can be done at any pace and can look many ways.