Blossoming with Yoga

As I was getting ready to begin my first day teaching Yoga at new studios after five years of being in the same community I opened the blinds and noticed a Dahlia in full bloom right in my front yard.  I first wondered how long that flower had been there without me noticing and how it had manage to weather the Portland rains of late while even its neighboring Japanese Maple had lost most of its orange-yellowish leaves.

I was then reminded of my teacher, who has said on several occasions something along the lines that not all flowers in the garden blossom at the same time but they will blossom in due course. It is this optimistic, if not generous view of the power of yoga and life in general that captured my heart, encourages me to sit and listen to what he has to say, and motivates me to follow his advice, practice and serve to the best of my ability on a daily basis.

Perhaps the thing that struck me the most about this plant was its persistence in blossoming even in the midst of what I imagine to be obstacles for any flower in the Pacific Northwest - steady rain, cold and Fall's increasing darkness. Indeed, in the face of change and any perceived challenges I hope my sadhana has the same dogged persistence as this November Dahlia.